Mailing List

Please still read the following text before subscribing to our mailing list.

Why a mailing list?

We receive a lot of information that we want to make available to anyone who is interested. We also want trans* interested people (from Bremen and surrounding areas) to be able to network with each other and not rely on the Trans* Recht board to forward emails.

That’s why we decided on an open mailing list. Association members are automatically added to the list. Everyone else can do this here via the website.

Important questions:

OPEN means that anyone can register and then send emails. BUT: Nobody except the admin can see who is on the mailing list. As long as you don’t send emails via the list, no one can see that you are part of it. We will ask the other trans* initiatives in the area – e.g. the Trans*Café – to also point their subscribers to the list and hope that this will create as large a network/news platform as possible.

RULES. This mailing list is intended for information, not discussion, because most of us get too many emails. That’s why we want to keep the volume of emails as low as possible. This means: Feel free to announce the open trans* barbecue evening via the list – but the 10 people who respond should only do so directly to the sender; not on the list. If discussions still get out of hand, we would switch the mailing list to “moderated”. This means that every email must be activated by the admin. This is a lot of effort and annoying and we would like to save everyone that. We reserve the right to remove individuals from the list if they do not adhere to the rules. And of course: please treat each other kindly, no insults, no discriminatory comments, etc.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you don’t want to be part of the list, you can easily unsubscribe. To do this, write an empty email from the address with which you are registered on the list (that is the one you gave us) to:

If you have difficulties with this, you can of course let us know directly and we will either help you or our admin will take you down. You can reach the admin at

If I unsubscribe, will I no longer stay informed?

Yes and no. Of course, we still send all messages for members (e.g. the general meeting protocol) to all members, because this is done via a separate mailing list, but then you might miss the trans* barbecue evening.

Is there anything in between?

If you are annoyed by too many emails but don’t want to miss out on the information, then we recommend personal filter rules. This can be set up in most email programs and most webmailers. For example, you can set up a filter rule that automatically moves every email from this list to a folder. Then everything is sorted and you can easily read it when you have enough time.

If you would like to subscribe to the mailing list, simply write a blank email to this address:

Here are the most important commands for controlling your subscription:

The ezmlm mailing list manager for this list can automatically process your requests for the list. Please do not send any commands to the mailing list itself. Send an empty email to the respective address.

Description of the commands for the mailing list:

Subscribe to the mailing list:

If you no longer wish to receive messages from the mailing list, please use the address specified in the mail header “List-Unsubscribe:”. If your email address has not changed since you registered, you can also unsubscribe at the following address:

or for the digest list:

If you would like to contact the mailing list admin, send a message to:

Please send a FORWARDED message of the list including ALL HEADERS – this makes it easier to help you.