Here you will find links to various facilities and counseling options in Bremen and beyond.
All pages that are also available in English link to the English version, the others link to the German version.

Bremen and surrounding areas

Trans*Counseling Bremen (Trans*Beratung Bremen)
Rat&Tat Center (Rat&Tat-Zentrum)
Girls’ Culture House (Mädchen_Kulturhaus)
Advice on discrimination in Bremen (Beratung bei Diskriminierung in Bremen) (flyer)
Trans* Café Bremen
Enby Meetup Bremen (Enby-Treff Bremen) – Non-binary group
Transsexual People Bremen (Transsexuelle Menschen Bremen) – Self-help group
Trans*NET Bremen – Self-help group for trans* people
Trans*NET OHZ – Network and self-help in the county Osterholz and self-help in Bremen

Weser-Ems Region

Trans*Counseling Weser-Ems (Trans*Beratung Weser-Ems)
Trans* Acceptance – Trans* children and teenagers in rural areas (Trans* Akzeptanz – Trans* Kinder und Jugendliche im ländlichen Raum)

Trans* Self-Help Groups

Oostfrees Trans* Lüü

Trans* Troopers

SHG Transsexuals and Transvestites (SHG Transsexuelle und Transvestiten)
Gendertravellers – Trans*Inter youth group

Further Counseling Centers

AIDS-Hilfe Oldenburg – HIV/STIs, psychosocial advice, queer refugees
Anti-Discrimination Office of IBIS (Antidiskriminierungsstelle bei IBIS) – Discrimination, Oldenburg
Inter*Trans*Counseling for Students (Inter*Trans*Beratung für Studierende) – AStA University of Oldenburg

Trans*Counseling in Lower Saxony and Hamburg

Trans*Counseling Braunschweig (Trans*Beratung Braunschweig)

Trans*Counseling Göttingen (Trans*Beratung Göttingen)

mhc – counseling center for people with questions about gender identity (Beratungsangebote für Menschen mit Fragen zur Geschlechtsidentität)
Trans*Counseling North (Trans*beratung Nord)
4be Trans Addiction Help (Trans-Suchthilfe)

Trans*Counseling Andersraum (Trans* Beratung Andersraum)

Trans*Counseling at checkpoint queer (Trans*Beratung im checkpoint queer)

Überregionale Adressen

BVT* – Federal Association Trans* (Bundesverband Trans*)
TrIQ – TransInterQueer – Berlin
dgti – German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität)
QNN – Queer Network Lower Saxony Queeres Netzwerk Niedersachsen
State Office for Trans* in Lower Saxony (Landesfachstelle Trans* in Niedersachsen)
TRAKINE – Trans Children’s Network (Trans-Kinder-Netz)
VLSP* – An Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Intersexual and Queer Professionals in Psychology (Verband für lesbische, schwule, bisexuelle, trans*, intersexuelle und queere Menschen in der Psychologie)
Inter* Trans* Counseling Center Queer Living (Inter*Trans*Beratung Queer Leben) – Berlin
Trans*Counseling Kassel (Trans*Beratung Kassel) | T*räumchen Kassel

Inter* / Intergeschlechtlichkeit

Inter*Counseling Bremen (Inter*Beratung Bremen)
Intersex People e.V. (Intergeschlechtliche Menschen e.V.)
Organisation Intersex International Germany (IVIM / OII Deutschland)